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Ming Earn’s baby shower

I am so glad to be invited to photograph Ming Earn’s baby shower event. The event was so sweet and i loved the decoration very much. Especially the cake made by Earn was so dorable and cute…. everyone of us can feel that the feeling of a mom to welcome her baby. Again, i met Ming Earn’s friends and families and love all of them as they are very friendly and.. treat me just like their friend as well.. Esp Shermane, thanks for the chat and the encouragement as well… 🙂 The whole occasion was so GREAT!!… the “punishment” of the game is so fun…Everyone is talented to be superstars.. hehehe
Congrats to Bryan and Earn again and looking forward your 2nd baby….. Cheers!


Sensephotoz2011/01/16 - 10:30 AM

Thanks Ming Earn and Shermane on your kind comments… Is pleasure to capture the great event that you have….For Ming Earn, looking forward to see your baby soon.. 🙂 for Shermane, happy flying always! 🙂 Happy CNY .. Cheers

Sensephotoz2011/01/16 - 10:26 AM

Thanks Ming Earn… Is my pleasure and glad you like the photos… Happy CNY and looking forward to see your baby soon ya…Cheers!!

Ming Earn2011/01/15 - 11:26 PM

You did a great job!!! We love the photo very much!! You captured the happiness, the joy, the loves & the blessings… Keep it up!!!

Sensephotoz2011/01/13 - 10:11 AM

Thanks Shermane. Is so touchable and pleased that you love my hard works. 🙂 wish to see you all again! Cheers! Same to you… Happy flying always…hehe

shermane Ng2011/01/12 - 9:11 PM

FUNtastic!!! small wind.. u did a FABULOUS job making e photos “live”!!! Each time i look at ur photo pruduction u have something new to impressed n surprised me.. im soooo eager to see e rest of e pics… small wind, sincerely fr my heart, a photographer like u wif good.. humble ,prompt respond to customers rqst attitude.. u will be able to push ur self to another hingher ground!!! keep up ur good work!!!cheers!!!! jappy photo shooting ALWAYsss!!!

huangxiaoshi2011/01/12 - 2:11 PM


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